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Get to Know the Essential Learning Activities at International School in Jakarta

Get to Know the Essential Learning Activities at International School in Jakarta

As an international school, Global Sevilla uses the best teaching methods to teach students. In addition, this institution provides facilities and a positive environment for students to learn and improve many skills. Therefore, this school provides teaching and learning activities effectively. For more information, here are the learning processes of Global Sevilla as an international school in Jakarta.

Learning Activities at Global Sevilla You Should Know

1. Academic Learning Based on Levels

Global Sevilla is one of the largest international schools that provides excellent curricula for every level. There are three different levels with a specific learning focus. You can find levels from kindergarten, elementary, and high school. The three levels have different curricula and focus on teaching students.
For example, the program used on Kindergarten Level is the International Early Years Curriculum or what is known as IEYC. At this stage, early years children can develop their abilities through practical and fun games. Furthermore, there is an elementary school level that focuses on active inquiry with two curricula (Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum).

At the elementary level, students not only learn compulsory subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics but also use a thematic and creative curriculum. The International School di Jakarta preschool program is designed for students aged 3 to 12 years. Whereas at the intermediate level, the learning process is applied to research-based projects and learning problem-solving.

2. Class Activities

There are many activities carried out in the classroom where students can work to hone their abilities and skills. The reason is, the curriculum requires students to do their assignments individually, in pairs, in groups, as well as throughout the class. The learning process at Global Sevilla can develop many abilities for students, such as cooperation with others, etc.

3. Learn to Build Character

Apart from effective learning, students at international school di Jakarta are not only equipped with academic abilities. Students will also learn about the formation of positive characters. For this reason, the learning applied is quite diverse from the best curriculum, mindfulness approaches to character building. That is why students can improve adaptation skills, teamwork, and good morality.

In conclusion, the learning process applied by Global Sevilla can give students a lot of potentials to develop their many skills. They not only master subjects such as mathematics, science, and English but also learn how to behave well and be positive. This idea gives students respect for many people, has good morality, and communicates politely.